Path Of Exile Guide: Everything About Blessed Orb In PoE

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The Definition Of Blessed Orb In Path of Exile:


According to the official statement, a Blessed Orb is a PoE Currency item that could be used to re-roll the values of the implicit modifiers on a piece of equipment. And this, to some extent, implies that the top values of an item above the line and not the bottom six values. Unfortunately, this could only be used on an item that actually has implicit modifiers that could have a range of values. As a matter of fact, seldom have the items meet both conditions, but since the effects on most items are negligible, The price of the Blessed orb is quite cheap and it has a very low exchange rate to some other types of PoE Orbs (like Orb of Fusing. And you can buy and sell Path of Exile Blessed Orb on EZNPC's secure Path of Exile marketplace. Trading Blessed Orbs is supported on all the platforms and Consoles including PC, macOS, Xbox One, and PlayStation4.

And Here Comes The Blessed Orb Price In Path Of Exile, and the price we just updated for Patch 3.10:


Below displays the current exchange rates of Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs in PoE. These two types of Orbs are the main PoE currency items in terms of trading. By that, you will know whether it is worthy for you to farm Path of Exile blessed orb or not.


Blessed Orb Price In Path of Exile

How To Use Path Of Exile Blessed Orb:


A Blessed Orb re-rolls the implicit modifier of the Path of Exile item. Those Blessed Orbs can not roll the very same implicit value that the original item had. Sometimes, if the current implicit value is too low, then on average you had better odds of rolling a relatively high implicit value. And vice versa.

1. Blessed Orb Could Not Re-Roll In Path Of Exile

Occasionally, you find Blessed Orb could not re-roll an item, then it might be one of the following problems:

—The Item is Corrupted, and here is what the image shows:

Blessed Orb Could Not Re-Roll - Item Corrupted

—The Item Does Not Have Implicit Modifiers, and here is what the image shows:

Blessed Orb Could Not Re-Roll - Item Does Not Have Implicit Modifiers

—The Implicit Modifiers Do Not Have A Range Of Values, and here is what the image shows:

Blessed Orb Could Not Re-Roll - Implicit Modifiers Do Not Have A Range Of Values

2. Blessed Orb On Uniques In PoE

Just like a common item, if the unique item has implicit modifiers, then that means it could be rolled by Blessed Orbs. Let me give you a for instance, the implicit mods of Eye of Chayula are “+16 To All Attributes” and may reroll to “+14 To All Attributes” by Blessed Orb.

Likewise, if those unique items are already Corrupted, or without implicit modifiers or the value of implicit mods have not ranged, then you should know that Blessed Orb could not reroll it.

3. Blessed Orb Versus Chaos Orb In PoE

Chaos Orb rerolls the explicit modifiers on Rare items and it is more expensive than just Blessed Orb. One can sell a Chaos Orb for 35 Blessed Orbs.

4. Blessed Orb Versus Divine Orb In Path Of Exile

As you know, PoE Blessed Orb rerolls the range of the stats which found on the implicit modifiers.

And Divine Orb, however, rerolls the value of any stats on explicit modifiers on the item.

1x Divine Orb = 140x Blessed Orb

How To Farm Blessed Orb In PoE:

Right now, there is no vendor recipe or divination cards for Blessed Orb. Therefore, the easiest method to get it is by purchasing from sellers or exchanging PoE Currency items for it.

The very first method is: Killing Monsters

The drop level of PoE Blessed Orb is 35. When you are slaying more enemies, opening more chests and strongboxes, that means you will farm more Blessed Orbs. Otherwise, you also can farm it in Arcanist's Strongboxes.

The second method is: Trade Currency Items For It

You can trade Currency items for it with other players. As you know, right now, the most popular items in Path of Exile are Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb, and the ration of Chaos Orb to Blessed Orb is 1:35, whereas the ratio of Exalted Orb to Blessed Orb is 1:800.

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