Path of Exile Currency Guide Part- 2

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Welcome to Part-2 of the Path of Exile currency guide. In the last part, you learnt about the basics of PoE currency, what it is, how it's used and how to use them. In this, you'll learn about live search, trade chat and flipping items to make the most of your currencies. So without further ado, let's begin.

Cheap Poe Currency


Live Search


In order to do a live search on the official PoE website, you'll have login in with your account. The search window might appear overwhelming, but remember that you don't need to fill every field to search for trades.

Try to get a feel of the website by entering a name and looking through the listed products. Let's say, for example, you want to buy a six link body armor. Simply type in the name of the armor, choose the number of links you want on it and hit search.

Browse the list, and if you think that it's too much, you can ask for a 'buyout'. Simply enter the amount on the lower left and your chosen currency. Check all the notifications, and as soon as someone interested clicks on your offer, you'll be notified.

Make sure you have a decent idea on the price of the object or you might get ripped off. Just look at the price list, see what everyone else is charging and ask for a bit lower price.

How To Make Currency

You can become quite a successful trader and earn a decent amount of Chaos orbs with the little trick. Empty mod items are relatively inexpensive. Provided you have enough crafting materials; you can buy cheap equipment, mastercraft them and sell them for a greater value.

For instance, let's assume you want 120% elemental resistance on your gloves.

You can visit the official trade site and see what kinds of gloves players are mostly buying. The goal is to find high demand items that are comparatively easier to craft. Let's assume that boots with empty affix and 80% elemental resistance cost somewhere between 5-20 chaos. You can easily craft those, sell a few of them until you have enough to buy your own gear.


Cheap Upgrades

You'll need better and more powerful gear as you level up. To do so, open the trade site, choose the item you want to buy, select attributes range, such as the amount of maximum life in case of a leather belt and hit search. Make sure to deselect "Corrupted" as they may contain undesired debuffs which you need to compensate. Also avoid "Mirrored" items and can easily exceed your budget.


Live Chat

The lice or in-game chat is also a great place to engage in trades. With luck, you can snatch some excellent deals if you stumble on the right player. You can even get ripped off so make sure you check item prices before trading.

You also need to post requests on all trade chats to ensure you reach out to most of the players. If you want to buy, lead with $WTB and $WTS if you're going to sell something.

The majority of trading PoE comes from experience. Trade long enough and you'll develop a knack for item prices, and trading will seem much more enjoyable. With this concludes part- 2 of the PoE trading guide. Hope you've learnt something new and good luck on your PoE trading journey.