Path of Exile Character Classes & Best Ones For PoE Starters

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After knowing how to select a proper PoE League for yourself as a beginner, next up for discussing is, of course, characters selection. As you know, select a right character class will be vital to your game life, especially when you are a beginner, want to find the best Path of Exile characters, you'd better keep reading this post. Cause other than we will offer you the basic information about PoE charaters, we will also list the best three Characters for you starters to play.

In Path of Exile, there are 7 character classes (usually we also call that core classes): And they are:

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Among all of these characters, the Scion is an unlocked one you reach the end of act III in the story on any class and league. These character classes are not defined with specific playstyles or some exclusive skills. Instead, skills are items that are socketed in gear while each different class starts on a different point of the very same passive skill tree, and what's more, every class has access to any nodes in that tree. Each class also has its own choice between 3 Ascendancy classes, which offer further power and specialization to that certain class character, making it more excel at certain types of builds.

Moreover, each class in Path of Exile uses three main attributes – strength, dexterity, and intelligence, and that has a certain attribute affinity based on its location in the tree. Some classes are completely based on one type of attribute, while others are a hybrid of two or three attributes. Generally speaking, if these attributes stacked high enough, it will offer small, but meaningful bonuses like Path of Exile Currency and dictate the equip requirement of skill gems and gear.

And now, let's take a look at each Path of Exile character class explanation before we try to select the perfect Class for those 2020 PoE new players.

1. The Marauder: Bash ‘em All

First of all, let me ask you a question, do you have a knack for smashing things? If you have, then you should that the Marauder is the perfect character class for you. Living up to his bone-crushing name, as you know, this character class offers new meaning to the term brute strength. Once you select this character, you even can afford to throw any semblance strategy out the window as you go on an all-out ground and pound session.

And the Ascendancy classes of Marauder: Berserker, Chieftain, Juggernaut

2. The Ranger: Shoot to Thrill

Unlike the above character class, this character designed only for dexterity. The Ranger does what it does best in this game: shoot projectiles effectively from a quite long distance. Rangers are both agile & fast, what impresses the most is the Ranger has the incredible ability to dart in and out of the action to avoid critical strikes. Though it lacks in brute strength, it more than makes up for in deft & swiftness in Path of Exile.

And the Ascendancy classes of Ranger: Deadeye, Pathfinder, Raider

3. The Witch: I Put a Spell on You

For those PoE players who fancy themselves smart fighters will do well to select the Witch. Based totally on the attribute of intelligence, she has mastered an unrivaled mastery of the elemental and dark arts at her disposal. Thanks to her indomitable will, would-be enemies will have first to pierce a protective barrier to inflict damage upon her.

And the Ascendancy classes of Witch: Elementalist, Necromancer, Occultist

4. The Templar: Holier (and Mightier) Than Thou

The Templar is combined with Strength and intelligence, the Templar finds perfect equilibrium in the field of fight through equal parts of power and wisdom. He has the ability to withstand heavy damage at the hands of enemies and that makes him a comfortable choice for frontline battle just as easily as ranged.

And the Ascendancy classes of Templar: Guardian, Hierophant, Inquisitor

5. The Shadow: Dark Lurker, Lethal Stalker

The Shadow is utterly proficient with fast-hitting weapons, and at the same time, the shadow is a lethal character that combines equal parts of dexterity and intelligence. By using blades with surgical precision, he is quite swift on his feet and can outmaneuver even the agilest of beasts in-game.

And the Ascendancy classes of Shadow: Assassin, Saboteur, Trickster

6. The Duelist: Fight with Honor Die with Glory

This character combines sheer strength and dexterity, the Duelist fights with a quick-tempered fighter and quickly deals substantial damage to that careless opponents. With a cat-like reaction, he is also able to avoid damaging attacks from enemies from all sides of the battlefield.

And the Ascendancy classes of Duelist: Champion, Gladiator, Slayer

7. The Scion Be All, End All

The Scion is a character that’s perfect for players with a knack for multi-level gaming strategies. In the meantime, she is the only character that has access to all three attributes. The fact players begin their build right in the middle of the passive skill tree gives the Scion an enviable position. A word to the wise though!

And the Ascendancy classes of Scion: Ascendant

After know the general introdction of the characters, let's see which 3 PoE classes are the best to Path of Exile new starters.

The very first one is: The Shadow


Path of Exile Shadow

As you know, playing a trapper build might feel a little slow and clunky when you start out for the very first time, however, trappers are able to cause great amounts of damage and have some impressive safety mechanisms; you can throw your traps at monsters and then watch them die from a safe distance away. This is a great tool for beginners to use when they are starting out.

The second one is: The Duelist

Path of Exile Duelist

For a lot of beginners, the Duelist is a great league starter, cause it gives you a vast amount of defense through the high amount of armour, block, evasion, and life pool the character has. Moreover, the build deals a lot of physical damage by using double strike. It has reached perfectly balanced in it’s defensive and offensive capabilities.

The third one is: The Witch

Path of Exile Witch

The witch is a great starting class, because it allows players to engage the game with a spellcaster in an efficient and consistent way. It is very cheap to start and easy to level, while still being able to carry you all the way into the end game.

The witch is a powerful class with high damage potential and a variety of avenues to go down for defenses. This allows the class to excel into the end game and take on all the content in the game.

And that is everything about the introduction of the Path of Exile Character Classes and we have already selected the top 3 Characters that 2020 new PoE gamers really should give it a try, especially when they are not familiar with this game. Do not worry, if you just master only one class, that will also grant you massive PoE Currency rather that buying.