Path Of Exile Blessing Of Chayula | Everything About This PoE Item

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Everything About Path of Exile Blessing Of Chayula

BOC 01: What's The Blessing Of Chayula In Path Of Exile?

As you can see in Path of Exile, Blessing Of Chayula is a PoE Currency item that could be used to upgrade some certain Breach unique items. In other words, a Blessing of Chayula upgrades the following breach unique item to a more powerful version.

Here Are The Breach Unique Item In Path of Exile

BOC 02: What Does Blessing Of Chayula Mechanics Look Like In PoE?


Blessings of Chayula are Path of Exile Currency items acquired by defeating Breachlords. This kind of items could be used to upgrade certain unique items to usually more powerful versions named blessed items.

THE FIRST ONE IS: When you are using a blessing, you should know all mods are rerolled. This is true for both implicit and explicit, even when the mod is identical (with the same type and roll range).

THE SECOND ONE IS: As you can see, the quality, sockets, and socket colors of the initial item will be maintained, as well as any Shaoper item or Elder item status.

BOC 03: How To Farm Blessing Of Chayula In PoE?


How to get a Blessing of Chayula? As you can see the Blessings of Chayula could only be dropped from the Breachlord Chayula within his own domain, and that could be accessed by using Chayula's Breachstone in the map device.

The very first one is: You need to activate "Chayula's Breachstone" in the map device, and then enter the map.

You can only access the map of "Chayula" by activating "Chayula's Breachstone" in the map device.

The second one is: You can farm Blessing of Chayula by killing "Chayula, Who Dreamt".

NOTICE: "Chayula, Who Dreamt" is one of the five bosses of Breaches, and the level is 80. And you can find this boss in his very own domain and he drops some exclusive unique items. Slaying the boss is the only method to obtain the Blessing of Chayula.

The Drop Chance Of Blessing Of Chayula:

As you can see that the drop level of Blessing of Chayula is 1 and its drop rate is about 25% ~ 50%. And the chance is quite random, therefore, killing a Breachlord does not guarantee a drop. From my own experience, if you kill Breachlords, then you have about a 50% chance to acquire a Blessing of Chayula.

The Very First One Is Upgraded Item Is More Valuable:

In Path of Exile, Blessing of Chayula upgrades a breach unique item to a much more powerful version. For instance, the Presence of Chayula increases 30% Rarity of Items found additional and also adds 60% Chaos Resistance.

The Second One Is Farming Costs A Lot Of Money And Time:

You know, since farming could not guarantee a 100% drop, therefore, gamers must purchase more Breachstone and then farming more times.

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