Path of Exile Atlas Skill Tree Guides Part 2

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The Path of Exile guide discusses the remaining skill trees alongside a special endgame tree. As discussed earlier, some of these nodes in these skill trees have a major impact on how you play Path of Exile. You can unlock Seance and keep spam harvesting specific regions of the map for PoE currency instead of progressing your character. The skill trees revolutionized player looting priorities and have been one of the major changes in the history of PoE. Let's take a look at the rest of the trees so that you know what's the way to build your Atlas. 


New Vastir
Additional Rogue Exiles
The Rogue Exiles nodes are quite standard and are a must-have in any situation. Tota Anarchy spawns an extra Rogue Exile for each two content type. So, for example, if you have Legion and Harvest in a single map, you'll get an additional Rogue Exile. This can stack up to 8 contents there is a chance of spawning 8 additional Rogue exiles. The Rogue trader node increases the chances of getting a reward by 15%.
Next in line are the Abyss nodes. They make it so that slaying Abyss monsters grant 15% more experience and the area spawns 100% more monsters. The Votive Horde node increase the chance of Rare item spawns by 10% and +3 level of Abyssal troves in an area. However, you have Legion, which is always a better pick over the other in the node.
The Delves nodes offer increased chances of spawning Nico. It's also perfect if you're planning to farm Sulphite as the Sulphite Sentinels node spawns monsters that horde the stuff. You can find them guardian the Sulphite Chests.
Now the best nodes by far in this PoE 3.14 passive skill tree are the Legion nodes. The High-Value Target Legion node spawns in 3 extra sergeants where each of them drops guaranteed rewards upon death. The War Supplies node makes each Legion in the area contain an additional war horde. The Emblematic node makes it so that each Timeless Splinter that drops from enemies has a 1% chance of dropping as a Timeless emblem. So for instance, if you find 500 splinters, you get 10 emblems for those splinters. 5 from combining the splinters and 5 more due to the perk.
Always prioritize Legion nodes in New Vastir, and then move onto Delves and Rogue Exile to beef up your maps.

Glennach Cairns
Strong Boxes
In the case of Strong Boxes, Twice Tempted allows a 10% chance to open a strong box for the second time. Tampered Proof corrupts the items from the strong boxes and makes it drop rare items. At the glance, they seem to be viable modifiers, however, on average there are better options when it comes to Glennach Cairns.
Coming to the Incursion nodes, you have some pretty powerful nodes here. Cultural advancement turns all Incusrino monsters into Magic ones, which is great if you're farming. Resource Reallocation adds an upgrade to all surviving architects in a room whenever you kill a non-resident architect. Combined with the Contestant Development node which adds the slain Architect's upgrade to the surviving Architects room, you have a chance to get an instant tier 3 room which is an insanely valuable deal. However, there is an even better group of nodes in Glennach Cairns.
The Monumental has a 10% additional chance of areas spawning a Legion encounter. Face to Face is a must-have node if you like Legion. It has a 100% more likely chance of spawning a General in legion encounters. Legion encounters also have both generals where the generals drop 100% more Timeless Splinters. Combine this with the Protracted Battle node to farm more efficiently. Protracted Battle increases the duration of Legion encounters by 50% and deals 50% increased damage to Legion monsters in status. So you have more kill potential and a longer time to clear these encounters. Now you don't have to struggle with Legion encounters anymore.
Scent of Blood is a great node if you're hunting Beyond monsters. Slaying enemies has a 3% chance of attracting monsters from beyond into your current. This puts Beyond on every single map. The Torn Veil node allows you to summon Beyond monsters with one less summoning portal and increases the chance of merging Beyond portals in an area by 100%.

Valdo's Rest
Immortal Syndicate
The Harbinger nodes are pretty lackluster. You only get additional harbingers and Harginger gains additional reinforcements. The other nodes are way more valuable.
Gut Instinct makes Immortal Syndicates grant 3 additional Intelligence for the current encounter's Safehouse if they are not integrated. Test of Loyalty gives Executed Syndicate members a 100% to gain an additional rank. So if you're planning to push through the ranks and trying to drop items off of Catarina, the node will come in handy.
If you like Metamorphs the make sure to pick Intrinsic Darkness as offers a 10% additional chance for Metamorph Encounters. Repeated Experiments allow you to assemble an additional Metamorph after you've killed the first one. Finally, High Yield makes Meamorph bosses that drop an itemized sample, drop an additional sample. It also makes the Metamorph Vat meters 50% less Power to fill.
Metamorph encounters are pretty tough, so make sure to have a powerful build when you're starting an encounter. In case you don't have enough money, you can always buy PoE currency from online stores. They most likely have cheap PoE orbs for sale throughout the day. So if you're running low on PoE currency, make sure to visit the shop for a quick refill. It's cheap and saves you hours' worth of in-game grind.
Lastly, there are the Blight encounters. Outbreak increases the chance of Blight's encounter by 100%. The Blight Titans node makes the Bight bosses drop an additional Anointed Jewelry item and spawns in up to two additional boss battles in a region. Mass Myeceliu, increases the likelihood of multiple-lane spawn during Blight encounters along with a 50% chance of spawning an additional Reward Chest. The Blight rewards are pretty generic and you're better off picking Metamorphs or Immortal Syndicates.
That's it for today. Stay tuned for updates on the last two Atlas Skill trees, namely Lira Arthain and The Uncharted Realms. Hopefully, this guide has helped you choose the appropriate nodes that align with your playstyle and favorite league mechanic. See you in the next guide! you can also go Path of Exile Atlas Skill Tree Guides Part-1