Path of Exile 3.14 The best League Starter builds for Ultimatum

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The Ritual league is about to end, and the successive league is coming. The developers have released the first trailer for the following 3.14 patch and its accompanying league: Ultimatum. Like the current league ceremony, it will again provide special events with altars and hordes of monsters in the Wraeclasts area. As with every start of a new league, we will once again introduce you to some of the best entry players for the new season. Therefore, if you want to take a closer look at some complex but very interesting action RPGs, we will provide relevant skills in the community for each player.

What is the New League?
Many experienced PoE participants recommend starting with the League Entry-Level Version in each new season. The advantage of these configurations is that they are easy to level and work without requiring costly items. If construction requires special items, these items can be obtained relatively cheaply by trading with other players.
With our five featured versions, you will enter the endgame more quickly, so you can plant your strengths and Poe currency on the map there. These, in turn, will fund your gear to attract winking characters and can even make them smaller or even better.

The Path of of Building will help you.
The build path is a program that you can use to plan the PoE build process and minimize it. In our case, the essential feature is that you can import builds from linked guides, which are usually shared via Pastebin links.

NO.1 Juggernaut - Earthquake Holy Sword
Earthquake is the most potent combat skill in the last Heist league match with Lacerate. Although hemorrhagic damage is suppressed by patch 3.13, this version is still a good choice. The best beginner framework to rely on this skill is Earthquake Juggernaut: a mighty chariot that can handle even the heaviest endgame content in PoE.
The construction relies on the destructive effects of bleeding over time: Earthquake is the best, not even one of the best melee bleeding abilities. It hits twice, and the damage caused by the second hit (aftershock) increases 150% damage.
EQ Juggernaut is not the fastest version, but it provides a high level of defense, requiring only a few very cheap unique items to reach its full potential-ideal for all savage fans of Diablo, The entry-level version of.
High vitality, up to 90% damage reduction, and supersonic lethality make it extremely difficult to kill
You only need a few cheap unique items.
Very mobile, when you continue to walk, your opponent bleeds to death
Sacrifice his defensive solid ability
You have to trade with other players because two (cheap) unique items are required to build
The style of hurting over time is not for everyone.
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NO.2 Witch - Enki's Arc Witch
People who have searched for suitable buildings on the official Path ofe Exile forums in the past will almost certainly stumble upon Enki's Arc Witch. Streamer Enki's Lightning Witch is one of the oldest and most popular versions, and related forum posts have collected approximately 1,800 pages of comments.
This structure is easy to explain: with a witch, all you have to do is stay still, pause, cast a chain lightning arc and cause millions of damage. Due to the extensive area damage, this version is particularly suitable for maps, and it will once again play a more critical role in the new expansion.
For the 3.14 patch, Enki made significant changes to its version, including instructing the author to rely on Elementalist again as a subclass after a long period.
+ Very cheap POE Currency to build
+ Easy to play
+ Good damage extension
- Not all map modifiers are possible
- Need some unique items
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NO.3 Templar - Freeze Pulse Totem Element
Of course, the construction of totems should not lack ritual. In the past, we have repeatedly recommended the Frost Arrow Totem structure, but since the harvest, we have always recommended the Frozen Pulse skill-the penultimate alliance. The damage efficiency of the gem skill has been increased from 150% to 200%.
In 3.13, the working principle of freezing pulse totem pixels is the same as in 3.12. For the newly expanded Echo of Atlas, the significant AoE damage you can solve with this version is particularly worthwhile because the focus is more on repainting-so a good Clear Speed ​​is beneficial.
This version is especially suitable for players who are trying PoE for the first time or have no previous experience with similar action RPGs due to its simple gameplay. Besides, it is very cheap and works well even for rare (yellow) items.
However, the Frozen Pulse Totem organizers also rely on one of the most compelling game variants that PoE must provide: you set up totems, and they will fire at all nearby opponents, and you only need to collect the loot.
+ Very suitable for beginners
+ Due to great AoE damage, it has an excellent cleaning speed
+ Works well even on rare (yellow) items
- Single target damage is weak, but it is aggravated by 3.12
- In the long run, the style of play will become boring
- Endgame boss is harder to do
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NO.4 Shadow - Spherical Lightning Saboteur
The mine-based version is difficult to play, so we did not include them in the entry version in the past. However, the so-called miners in previous leagues are potent, so they belong only to this list. Compared with Harvest, because the supporting gem Slower Projectiles has been weakened, the building's damage is much less.
Therefore, the miner’s gameplay is more challenging because we first throw the mines at the opponent and then ignite them with additional keystrokes combined with edible potions, which can lead to a considerable button mash.
However, the mine itself does not cause any damage. After all, we have to combine other skills with it, and then triggered by the mine-here, you use the lightning spell Ball Lightning.
Those who dare to cope with the ever-increasing effort (and are satisfied with it-constant detonation is not fun for everyone) will gain a strong foundation, and according to the guide author, it will once again become a good choice in 3.14.
+ Inflict incredible single-target damage to the boss
+ Shock, inflammation, hypothermia, and freezing opponents
+ Invisible to nearby enemies
+ Can handle all map mods
+ Any content can be completed, even the most brutal endgame boss
+ Strong defense capabilities
+ Easy to equip, but great potential for upgrade
- The equipment for the final game can be costly
- The game is more challenging than other versions because it requires more buttons
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NO.5 Duelist - Cyclone Impaled Champion
For barbarians who like to use whirlwind skills in Diablo 3, the whirlwind killer is the ideal choice because whirlwind skills operate like the iconic whirlwind of big competitors.
The play is easy to explain: with our chosen action technique (such as jumping a slap), we throw ourselves onto the opponent and spin everything into pieces. The unique thing about this version is the Impale Gem. This allows us to use the Piercing Debuff every time we hit the opponent.
Once activated, the enemy will suffer more damage in the next five blows-since we use the whirlwind to cause several blows per second, the chance of triggering the weakening effect and making the most of it is, of course, high.
+ Very fat
+ Can handle any content
+ Simple game style-Spin to win!
+ Instant vitality
+ Even if the budget is tight, it will cause heavy losses to individual goals.
- The clearing speed on the map is slower than other versions
- Relatively small AoE range
- Unable to use waterless or damage reflection mod to process the map
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NO.6 Witch - King of All Summoners
If you like to play as a necromancer in Diablo 2, you can also have groups of summoned servants do the work for you in Path of Exile.
The goal established by the summoner is to summon as many minions as possible at the same time and to support this force with auras, buffs, and debuffs. Once all the servants are called, Path of Exile plays itself.
After the zombies of the Necromancer were weakened once in 3.9, the elves that affected all servants appeared in 3.10. Patch 3.11 further cut the building's summoning units, causing them to lose 30% of their hit rate. In the current patch 3.12, the build is unchanged.
However, none of these nerfs are destroyers: Summoners are no longer as powerful as in 3.8, but they are still a reliable choice. According to the author of the guide, Bruno, players who play the King of All Summoners in the Ritual League will not notice any changes in the game compared to 3.12.
+ After summoning all the minions, the clearance speed is breakneck
+ Any possible content
+ Cheap, because the skill treasure provided by the dealer is enough to start
+ Security thanks to many distracting minions
- Sometimes the servant must be called first
- Minions are vulnerable to AoE
- In the cramped and winding room, the servants cannot reach their full potential
- Confusing, as many as 90 servants follow you at the same time
- Since patch 3.9, Summoner spawn has been troubled by every update
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NO.7 Ranger - Scourge Arrow Pathfinder
Those who like to fight enemies with bows and arrows can look at Scourge Arrow Pathfinder because it uses one of the most exciting skills.
Scourge arrows allow you to launch poisonous arrows with chaotic energy, which leave spore pods when they fly. These spores bloom after a short time and stab more spines.
Usually, a few arrows are enough to cover the entire screen-extremely high poison, or chaotic damage can immediately clear all enemies. Unlike many other versions, the opponent will not bless the time immediately, so care must be taken not to be hit during this time.
+ After a short time, the single-target damage of the boss battle is extremely high.
+ Good AoE net speed and 200% movement speed during fixed farming
+ Powerful defense ability with many health points, high evasion rate, and damage reduction rate
- I need to get used to
- The enemy will not die directly, which exposes us to additional risks
- A large amount of item information is required, which limits the choice of equipment
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