Path of Exile 3.13 Low Investment Poe Currency Options

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Farming in Path of Exile can be a nightmare if you're a new player. Over the past seven years, the game has received several updates, adding to the pool of sellable in-game items. Learning about all of them is headache-inducing. Veteran players have it a bit easy, but to newbies, it like opening an encyclopedia rather than playing a game.

Low investment currencies are ideal for getting started. They don't require endgame builds and can be farmed quite consistently. POE 3.13 introduced a bunch of new content, such as Atlas skill trees and the new Ritual League. This guide will help you create to earn the POE currency required to build an endgame build. A build that will help you enjoy endgame content even if you started playing today. So without further ado, let's get started.


NO.1 Chaos recipe
The chaos recipe revolves around selling rare gear during the early stages of a new patch. Once you reach level sixty, farm full sets of rare gears. Sell them to the vendor, unidentified, for two chaos orbs.
This strategy is entirely for the early stages of the game. Most players are low on chaos orbs and tend to sell items faster to get an early start on the new league. You could buy those powerful items at a fraction of their original price.

NO.2 Incursion
Incursion temples drop sacrificial runes. You can use those runes to sacrifice a vial and any unique items to upgrade it to the next rank.
You can then sell the said item at a much higher price. This technique is commonly called item flipping, and you can use it to earn profits upwards of 600%. Item flipping in Path of Exile takes time, patience, and a bit of market knowledge. Also, you should continuously check the market to see which items yield the most profit.

NO.3 Sextants
Sextants are map modifiers that make possessed monsters drop additional scarabs. You can sell these scarabs for easy money.
The strategy is even more effective with the new POE 3.13 update. It introduced passive skill trees for the Atlas. Upon activating the Séance ascendency in the Lex Proxima skill tree, the number of monsters that can be possessed increases to a maximum of 20. As a result, you now have more scarabs to sell for sale.

NO.4 Metamorph Scarabs
Metamorph scarabs are map modifiers that greatly help with Metamorph farming. They guarantee Metamorph spawns and makes the bosses drop additional items.
Metamorph scarabs are very valuable, and with the POE 3.13 update, you can now hunt them more consistently. After unlocking the Metamorph ascendency in Valdo's Rest skill tree, you'll be able to assemble an additional Metamorph after killing the first one. They drop tons of loot such as scarabs, which you can sell for some quick profit.

NO.5 Delirium Orbs
Delirium orbs are also map items that add a specific reward type to the applied map. They drop tons of loots, which can be sold for a wide profit margin.
Once you've unlocked the Delirium ascendency in the Lex Ejoris skill tree, you'll get tons of guaranteed loot. Once activated, Delirium encounters have a 100% chance to spawn unique bosses. Bosses drop 100% increased simulacrum splinters. The bosses also have a 100% increased chance of dropping a cluster jewel. The rewards easily outvalue the price of the Delirium Orb.

NO.6 Divination Cards
Divination cards drop from monsters and loot container. You can trade them to other players. You can also exchange a full set of cards for the referred items to one of the in-game NPSs in your hideout.
Low-level Divination card trading is a quick way to earn some money. They drop in specific regions, so you focus on the type of the item.

NO.7 Guardian Maps
These are tier 16 maps and require a robust build clear successfully. Generally, as a beginner, you don't have to others with guardian maps. But if you're into end game content and boss killing, farming guardian maps is a sure-fire way of getting rich in Path of Exile.
Cost of running a guardian map is about 13 chaos. In return, you stand a chance of getting level 83 abyss jewels or some other rewards that are both expensive and in demand. The minimum profit is close if 15-25 chaos. But in the majority of the cases, you'll earn way more from a single run.

NO.8 Legion Scarab
Legion scarabs are a great way to farm emblem splinters. You can make quite a decent profit by selling emblems to other players.
Legion scarabs like emblems started very high. Although they are not as popular as before, Legion scarabs are still coveted by devoted map runners. The splinters fragments are relatively easy to farm, and the investment is negligible when you consider the profits from your runs. You can also utilize the legion map device modifier on Zana to double the effect of your gilded Legion scarabs.

NO.9 Bossing
Farming bosses is the ultimate way of earning Path of Exile currency. However, their profitability drops as the league goes on. Shaper, Elder, Uber Atziri, and Uber Elder are profitable bosses that drop tons of good loot that you can sell for at a wide profit margin.
You can also sell Guardian map fragments, but they are viable only during league start so now is the best time to get started.

NO.10 Ritual League
Like previous leagues, the Ritual league is loaded with sellable and collectible items. The most profitable and efficient to make money in Path of Exile is by farming the current league.
The Ritual mechanics are simple enough. You activate an altar to kill enemies and get rewarded in tribute. You can use that tribute to buy rewards at the end of each ritual. You can often get some insanely rare item from the drop tables, and if you cannot accept them, you can always defer them for later purchases.

Now you're ready to get started. There are numerous ways to make money in Path of Exile. POE currency farming is easy once you get the hang of things. However, you cannot make trades unless you have a sound knowledge of the item cost and POE trade is the perfect place to hunt for prices. Before you start farming for particular, always check the price to make sure it's worth the grind.