Orb Of Alteration In Path Of Exile Guide: Farming, Price, Vendor Recipe And More

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Path of Exile Orb Of Alteration

As you can see, Orb of Alteration is one of the minor Path of Exile Orbs used to reroll attributes on PoE Magic items. As a matter of fact, it's used in big quantities by players at all levels. The highest level players use thousands of Alteration Orbs to craft end-game equipment, as well as change affixes on Flasks and Maps. However, there are still a lot of players who are not very familiar with this kind of Orb, therefore, right now, we'd like to give you a general introduction of Orb of Alteration, and if you are interested and want to dive into the world of Orb of Alteration, well, let's do it now.

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Q01: What's The Orb of Alteration In Path Of Exile?

According to the official statement, an Orb of Alteration is a Path of Exile currency item that could be used to re-roll the random modifiers on a piece of magic equipment. In other words, you can use an Orb of Alteration to reroll the mods of a Magic item.

Q02: What's The Price Of Orb of Alteration In PoE?

1 Orb of Alteration = 0.2381 Chaos Orb

1 Orb of Alteration = 0.0065 Exalted Orb

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Q03: How To Use Vendor Recipes To Get Orb of Alteration In Path Of Exile?

Vendor Recipes To Get Orb of Alteration

Q04: How To Farm Orb Of Alteration In PoE?

①: The drop level of the Orb of Alteration is 2, which means you can farm Orb of Alteration easily by killing monsters. The dropping rate of the Orb of Alteration is around 5.508%.

②: 20 Alteration Shards combined to give one Alteration Orb, which is in turn obtained by selling identified magic and rare items with certain modifiers to any vendor. It is always recommended using the Scroll of Wisdom to identify an item before selling it to a vendor. An unidentified item is vendored for Transmutation Shards. Identified item has the chances to get Alteration Shards or even Alchemy Shards.

***And the value is: Alchemy Shards > Alteration Shards > Transmutation Shards.

Alteration Shards come from single, identified items depending on their mods. Some mods might offer much more valuable Alchemy Shards instead or in addition to Alteration Shards.

Different Mods Have Different Alteration Shards

③: You can buy an Orb of Alteration from an NPC named Nessa, who lives Lioneye’s Watch in Act 1. She sells an Orb of Alteration in exchange for 4 Orbs of Augmentation.

④: In the trade marketplace, the price of Orb of Alteration is about 1/5 Chaos Orb or 1/650 Exalted Orb, and that means, you can exchange currency items for Orb of Alteration.

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Q05: How To Use Orb Of Alteration In Path Of Exile?

1): Orbs of Alteration in Path of Exile are not too valuable, therefore, if you have a few, then you can free to try them out.

2): You can use Orb of Alteration to craft items:

1. At much higher levels: re-roll a magic map to get desirable modifiers.

2. Crafting a high-end item: a lot of Orbs of Alteration are usually consumed on an item in an attempt to roll two desired affixes before a Regal Orb is applied to continue the crafting process.

3. Early leveling stage: reroll a magic item to get more powerful mods.

3): You can use Orb of Alteration to buy items. As you can see, Orbs of Alteration could be used to purchase various items from vendors, including magic equipment, rare equipment, maps, and skill gems. One obtains 4 Scrolls of Wisdom by selling an Orb of Alteration to any vendor. A Jeweller's Orb can be purchased from in Act 2 and onwards in exchange for 2 Orbs of Alteration.

4): You can use Orb of Alteration to craft benches, of course, Orbs of Alteration are also quite useful for a very large number of Crafting Bench recipes.

5): In Path of Exile, some flask mods are very useful, for example, Instant recovery mods on life flasks, or Immune to bleed and Immune to freeze mods. And also there are many other good ones. In order to get them on your flasks, make sure the flask is Magic by using an Orb of Transmutation on it if needed, and then, reroll the mods with Alteration Orbs until you get the ones that you want.

6): Whenever you want just one or two specific mods on an item, the cheapest method to get there is by using Alteration Orbs, because they are inexpensive. Because of this, they are used in large amounts (usually hundreds to thousands) in endgame crafting.

7): Usually, getting some specific or rare mods on an equipment item can take a huge amount of alteration orbs. Other than with flasks, you probably will not achieve much crafting with them while you are leveling.

How To Use Orb Of Alteration To Chaos Orb?


Orb of Alteration rerolls the mods of a magic Item, however, Chaos Orb reforges a rare Item's mods. Chaos Orb is more valuable. You can exchange 4 Orbs of Alteration to one Chaos Orb.

Orb of Alteration VERSUS Orb of Augmentation

Orb of Alteration and Orb of Augmentation, they are both change Magic item modifiers. But Orb of Alteration reforges the magic item with new random mods, while Orb of Augmentation adds new mods to a Magic Item which only has one modifier.