How to use Path of Exile support skill gems to link your skills

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In Path of Exile, active ability gems grant you abilities to use in the game, but support gems can improve these skills and make them stronger. Obtaining skill gems for support is as easy as getting active skill gems: completing tasks and plundering monsters. However, it is much more complicated to associate these support gems with compatible vibrant Gems.


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What is the role of supporting skills?

Supporting skill gems can significantly change the way your skills work. If you want the active skill gem to launch a single fireball, the auxiliary skill gem can double the effect and turn it into five stars. Another support gem can bleed the same pistol or increase its burning duration. Using extra skill gems, you can turn almost all necessary skills into incredibly powerful attacks.

How to connect support skill gems with active skill gems?

There is no association with activity gems. Support gems will do nothing. If you place the Support Skill Gem yourself in an unconnected socket, it will be updated from time to time, but it will not bring any benefits. As shown above, when you have two connected sockets that look like gold wires between two or more sockets, the support skill gems come into play.

If you place an active power gem in a connected slot, you can use any number of auxiliary power gems to expand-depending on the number of armor or weapon slots. As long as you link the two skills correctly, the additional skills can enhance active skills.

You need to place support skill gems in slots that match their color, just like active skill gems. If you want to create the ultimate combination of support and active skill gems, you need to set a set of perfectly rolled sleeves on the gear.

Some support skill gems have limitations. For example, you cannot use blood support gems on servants that summon activity gems. Before placing each support gem, read its tooltip to avoid the spell of creating such a low link. It will always let you know which skills it does not support.

Even if two active ability gems are connected, they cannot support each other. If you have a connection socket, try to place only one active skill gem in the group, and use the additional connection sockets to support skill gems.

Most active gems are powerful in their own right. However, if they can be paired with auxiliary ability gems, they can destroy a room full of enemies.