How to Making Poe Currency With the Elder, Uber Elder, Shaper AND Sirus Killing

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If you don't understand the unknown, the observer's line-of-sight drop rate is about 1/5-1/6. Considering all the powerful notes in the novel, the chance of being awakened by gems increased by 50% is not worth it. This is a comment that is not useful when mapping and gives you a higher chance of discarding some worthless shit gems. It's much better to pick some famous people who can bring sustainable income. Measured by the current failure price, maybe you can re-evaluate it before the battle of Sirus, but if its price is higher than ten chaos orbs, I will No interruption because you need 4 of them to regulate. Come out. Besides, for the conqueror, suppose you get seven map bars. When you open the atlas, the 4th and 7th maps of the first will be highlighted in blue on the tracking bar, and you don't need On the map where the boss is killed, there are only a few mobs until the conqueror appears on the map for a garbage conversation, and then you can leave the Maps. On the second, third, fifth, and sixth Map, you must kill the map boss. This is not random.



The chance of passively acquiring the atlas is 30-45%

The Uber Labyrinth (technically called the Eternal Labyrinth) is the last maze that the player needs to complete to obtain the previous two advantages after the first two mazes (normal, cruel, and cruel). This is the final part of the road to exile and requires you to complete six different experiments found in the final map. Like the previous labyrinth, the Uber Lab has a common area leading to an aspiring trial, where you will fight Izaro in three stages. These phases have different encounters, which change every day at midnight (00:00) in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).
To start the Uber laboratory operation requires dedication to the goddess (to you to the goddess) (you can get it by completing the trial on the map or buying from other players). If you lose your life in the Uber maze, you must start again, and you cannot move out yet (this will also cause you to have to restart). Therefore, it is a good idea to have an overweight figure who can withstand extra damage.
If you know what you are doing, especially at the beginning of a new challenge alliance, the Uber maze is a great way to earn a lot of Poe Currency. You only need to hurry up on the first day of the league and complete the final game trial as soon as possible to earn a lot of POE currency. The sooner you enter Uber Labs, the better.
Creating an Uber Lab role means that you aim to make some money, which is why choosing a budget-friendly version is ideal. We recommend that you have at least 5k lives and at least level 75 before entering the Uber lab.

Uber Elder

30-45% chance to acquire with atlas passive?

In this Uber Elder battle, you will fight both Shaper and Elder at the same time. This is a very mechanical battle, requiring a lot of movement and some practice. One of the bosses will be invincible and alternate between the two bosses for every 25% of life lost. The invulnerable boss will use fewer attacks than usual. When the health of both bosses reaches 25%, both bosses will be in a vulnerable state.

There is no particular stage for any boss. For every 1/4 life lost, the elder or shaper will have increased health. The elder will summon multiple Null Portals, and Shaper will guide one Portal like his regular battle. At this stage, both are invincible. The elder will not use his petrified arc to attack, and the Shaper will not use his shadow clone or bullet hell attack.
Without a suitable mechanism, almost no construction can complete the construction of Older. It would help if you avoided these things. It would help if you dodged a lot. Then, you can attack within a second and then go back to the dodge state.
For me, this is the most straightforward creep build, but it must be something that does not die immediately. This way, you can entirely focus on evasion while the creeps are dealing with the dmg. If I remember correctly, I also killed him for the first time with a small soldier. However, until I finally succeed, I still need 4-5 attempts. I mean 4-5 x 6 portals, not just 4-5 outlets. I have played this game for many years.
Like others have said: the only dmg is needed for the build to shorten the stage. Everyone does not require survivability. I play an elementalist, and a shaping ball hit him. I burned Lile 4 episodes and tried to kill uberelder with a glass cannon. My elbow kit can fire the beam for 1-2 seconds and produce a good dmg.
If I kill my last one, I will make ten sets by myself. So it boils down to experience.

There is a 100% chance of getting fragments. If other droplets are good, only additives are added. But due to unpredictable factors, not including.

I have planted three leagues for Shaper. I consider myself a medium-skilled person, and I have been overtrained on Shaper.
If you let Zana die immediately, she will resurrect before the bullet-like phase of hell. During the cloning stage, you don't even have to bother trying to keep her alive. Try to use the cloned beam or ball to kill her quickly.
Many additives will flash and flash its enemies randomly: You, Summon, Totem, and Zana. Freeing up the totem will reduce their chances of fooling Zana and cause you to divide between saving her and keeping the portal open.
The sword is the rarest drop. Gloves are the most common (until).
If you die or exit during the Shaper phase, please exit the zone immediately. As long as someone is in the area, the vortex ball will continue to produce. It's a bullet hell, and please use your exemption period to wait for it to end. The exemption period is not enough to do this.
As mentioned in the video, the bullet ring from the micro boss is very lethal between the two stages.
In the second boss stage, he almost always enters bullet hell immediately. Be careful not to use flasks or other disposable polishers unless you are lucky and he decides to send a beam of light at you, portals, or launch balls at you. In the third stage, he sometimes goes straight to the bullet, but he usually doesn't.
For water each generation with a good EHP pool (7k lifespan or 9k es), this is my rule of thumb when you have enough DPS. After all the Shapers are relieved, the gains that are needed in the battle, etc., all of these. If you are very skilled, you can use 500k DPS for shaping, but I hope that it will be challenging and plan to use multiple portals or rip some. With 1m DPS and 2-3m DPS, the battle becomes a little easier. You should be able to face everything except another slam.

Sirus (A9)
Riskier due to drop variability, but has high top-end gains, 20% chance for Orb.

After you kill each conqueror (Drox, Verithania, Al-Hezmin, Baran) 4 times, You can start spawning. After that, you should generate each in the four rock areas. Before getting all the offers, you can spawn different conquerors in the same place, which will work.
When you get all the fortresses, conquerors will only spawn in different areas. So we need to generate them go sirus.
The next instruction applies to those who have obtained all the standards. If you don't have one, please make only those areas with standard stones that have not yet been adopted.
- After successfully/failed to kill Sirus, your atlas will not be painted with any color of the conqueror.
- Start to clear the t14-t16 map of each area until each conqueror appears. Almost always, one map in this area is not enough, and you need to complete 1-4 maps to make the conqueror appear. If the boss does not appear after four maps, please forget this area and create another one. The boss will not be there.
- When the color area of ​​the conqueror changes to his color, you can run "each map layer" to enter the battle of the conqueror. No need to clear only the high-level map.
- You can clear different and duplicate maps to show the conquerors. According to statistics, if you run the same map, the chance of occurrence will be lower.
- Sometimes, it is necessary to clear 2-3 maps to perform a boss-fight, but sometimes it is required to remove more than 20 maps in the area. That's normal, and please rest assured.
- The boss can be generated without completing the map. As soon as you walk away from the beginning, the conqueror will appear/not appear and speak his own words.
- Each conqueror should appear three times in the summary (1-change the color of the area, 2-just say his words, 3-visit the castle).
- Conduct every boss battle and defeat every boss
- Congratulations, Sirius is ready to fight!