How to Making PoE Currency with Prophecy

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This is not a currency farming method in itself, but an auxiliary element in this respect. There is a prediction mechanism in the game. For 1 silver coin issued by Navali, you will get a random event, which will happen in the future. This is why these are prophecies. Basically, there will be prophecies such as "You will encounter the painful spirit and release it," "A rare monster will provide more rare treasures when you die," and when you pass the card, the loot increases Very small. Most prophecies are like this.


If you take the original item and kill some old items or kill some unique items on the map in your inventory, some items will be transformed into improved versions. Similar predictions can make the chaos rise from 10 to a few balls. These are some of the fattest and coolest balls, but the rest may be useless for some popular items. The prediction may fall on the maze, on the guaranteed 5 or 6 links, which is expensive, and so on. Usually, in other aspects of mechanics, there are many different trophies.


Cheap Poe Currency

The method is passive. You don't need to do much-Navali and adopt new predictions. The only thing is that you have to buy silver coins on because silver coins require a large number of the card passes to spend quickly.


Now to the shortcomings to meet with you. Any prophecy can be canceled and sold to be fulfilled by another person. Basically, all expensive prophecies will disappear, but you need from one pair to twelve dozen silver coins to withdraw. The average exchange rate is 1 Chaos = 4-6 coins; everything is not expensive. But there are chain prophecies that it is painful to get out of trouble. You need to fly to a location on the 25th floor, look for useless creatures that don’t even give you special loot and kill them. Only this prophecy can be realized and free up space. In the future, you will be able to get another from this chain.

You can fly to the desired location and fly away immediately. Instead of fulfilling the prophecy, you have triggered it somehow, but you don’t even get the minimum loot, and it takes only a little time and a silver coin to go along. The chain advances. The problem with such chains is that even if they are complete chains, they don’t give anything special because the entire chain's time will hardly mess you up 5-10 years old (though who knows what will happen in the future). Which products are popular, maybe pale suggestions or other things) Some chain predictions will become expensive, but not so far), and you will have to spend time. A few cards must have time to run. To eliminate this prediction, it basically takes 7 to 8 coins, which is quite expensive and unpleasant, so it is best to trigger them at least and take ten to twenty seconds to transport them to the desired location.

Similarly, predictions related to an extra number of mobs, such as piles of rats or other common creatures, often encounter cheap predictions, but they do not trigger 100%. In other words, the double enchantment in the maze will work without a doubt, but you can meet another wandering exile on the next map or a dozen maps. Therefore, only when you spend a pile of silver coins to retrieve cheap silver coins you can turn the wheel of prophecy very quickly and replace the old silver coins with new ones, but this is useless. Therefore, this way of making Poe Currency is not away, but a help.