How to make Currency in POE 3.13 Ritual League

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Most players harbour a misconception that you have to be a hardcore veteran to make currency in Path of Exile. However, that's not the case. You can farm currency in POE fairly consistently without having to devote 10-15 hours of playtime. However, you do have to do a bit of research about the current league in order to take full advantage of the rewards. Also, make note that this guide is not for veterans seeking end-game builds. The discussion here mainly focuses on casual players and CURRENCY FARMING. If you're looking for guides on end-game content and god-tier builds this guide is not for you, but rather a stepping stone towards that direction.




NO.1 Everyone starts at square one
Do you know how players make POE currency? They do so either by:
-Crafting High-end gear
-Modify maps
-Farm end-game content
You cannot dive into the end game content without a proper build. So, in a sense, everyone starts at square one. The real question is, where do they go from there.
You'll require a powerful build the more you progress towards end-game content. Such builds are costly as you'll need particular gear with optimal links and high-rolled properties to ensure survivability and a reasonably high damage output.
However, you do not need super high-end gear to make POE currency. You can keep farming the basic white maps with suboptimal low damage scaling build. The crafting materials you farm from these missions can be sold to veteran players seeking to progress towards the end-game. Since you're prioritizing currency, you will be selling off these items to help others achieve the end-game rewards while enjoying a leisure-filled evening in your luxurious hideout.

NO.2 What are the chief sources for earning loot?
During the game's initial stages, you earn POE currency from selling various items such as map fragments, splinters, and other high-value craftable items. You can also use them for yourself once you have a strong enough build and dedicate time for end-game activities.
Besides speed-ruining maps, you should also be focussing on the league contents as they provide the most value. Even if you cannot experience the high tier league content, farm whatever you can
Following this strategy, you can farm close 60-75 chaos per hour. In terms of builds, you can run a simple cyclone champion, toxic rain mines saboteur, spark inquisitor, lightning strike raider etc. All of these are league starter builds and comparatively cheap to put together and can be scaled further as you progress deeper.

NO.3 What are the most Profitable Encounters in-game?
The list of encounters is by no means the ultimate list. Others might prefer a different league and may have had better success with it. However, for the sake of this discussion, we will be sticking to 4 leagues, namely:

The Delirium encounters drops Simulacrum splinters which can be combined to form a full Simulacrum, giving the player access to high-level areas. These areas drop better loot and offer higher profits in general.
Since you're not aiming for an end game build, you're better off selling these splinters to other players. Each Splinter is usually worth a chaos orb each.
If you're fortunate, you can even get a Delirium orbs as a reward. They are way rarer and worth 20-50 chaos each based on the type and rarity.

Next on the list are the Metamorph encounters where you collect organs that are spread throughout maps. You can later use these organs to construct a metamorph that drops rare loots when killed. Metamorphs are fun because you can choose what kinds of reward you want from the drop table. It's like creating a custom loot box. Each organ has a chance of dropping a particular item. Note that the power of the Metamorph increases based on the item rarity of the individual organs.
The most profitable drops you can focus on while creating the reward pool are:
Catalysts are metamorph exclusive encounter drops that players use to improve amulets, belts, and rings. They are worth 0.5-4 chaos each which makes for quite the profit.

Legion encounters in Path of Exile are different. They drop incubators which aren’t worth selling directly. However, you can use them to increase the profit of your farming sessions. Some incubators can drop valuable currencies, 6-link gears and unique items upon completion.
Legions also drop Timeless Splinters which are used to create Timeless emblems. Common Splinters cost 0.5 Chaos while the less common ones cost 1-2 chaos each and you can also sell these to players for quite a bit profit.

4.Vaal Side Areas
Vaal Side areas are among the most profitable encounters in Path of Exile simply because they drop three kinds of currencies. Clearing hordes have a higher chance of dropping 6-socketed and 6-linked items equivalent to that of a Jeweller's and Divine orbs.
You also stand a chance of getting Sacrifice fragments from the vault chests at the end. These sell for 0.5-2 Chaos each.
Finally, there is a small chance of getting a 23% Quality Vaal Skill Gem or a Level 21 Corrupted gem that is potentially worth ten or more Exalted Orbs.


NO.4 Zana Missions
Always run your Zana mission as she doubles your return for the cost of one map. According to POE 3.13 patch notes Zana can now offer missions involving Metamorph, Delirium, Blight and Harvest mechanics.

NO.5 Alteration Orbs Strategy
When farming for specific items, you will often end up with a lot of empty inventory space. You can use the opportunity to collect rare items and sell them off to the vendor in exchange for Alteration orbs. You can consistently generate 3-5 Alteration Orbs in a single mission.
During league start, you can exchange these orbs for Chaos at around 12:1 ratio and by the end of the first week for a 5:1 ratio. In some cases, you can even get them for a 3:1 ratio by mid-league.

NO.6 Parting tips
1.You don't need to modify maps for better loot.
2.If you're struggling with survivability, farm gears that offer capped elemental resistance or get a Granite and Jade flask for increased armour and evasion rating.
3.If you're struggling with dishing out raw damage, visit the forum for affordable starter builds.
That's all! Good luck on your journey to becoming the wealthiest player in Path of Exile!