How to find Hideout in Path of Exile, and what is its function?

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The Hideout of Path of Exile is unlocked at the end of the second act. Before doing this, release a character named Helena. This is the key figure for the hiding place, and the first potential hiding place is reported. In the naming area, you will find paragraphs with a blue lily symbol. Behind it, there are hidden points that can be unlocked in other areas. Hideout is used as a place for players to trade Poe Currency and Items face-to-face, making it easier to trade between players.



After defeating the opponent who lives there, Helena explains everything else to you. The next time you go to the hideout, you will have access to the workbench, where you can add prefixes and suffixes (depending on location) to items. These determine the bonus of the item. Besides, from this point on, you can find other potential "recipes" in the game. For example, this also makes possible the number of slots, colors, and connections.

Another essential element of hiding a hideout is personalization. With NPCs like Einar, you can now send invitations to the hideout to place them and start selling furniture. As the level of decoration increases, so makes the selection. Then other NPCs also sell other things. No matter what you do for these NPCs, you will be favored, and you can consume them at all decoration dealers.


Cheap Poe Currency


Players can access other people's hideouts by right-clicking on the name of the desired player and selecting "Access Hideout."
You can control who can do this by hiding the checkbox at the bottom of the stash. Players can allow or ban friends, guild members, or party members, respectively.
Visitors can sell it from the owner but cannot buy it or use any handmade benches.


Various decorations can be purchased from the hideout host or from the host town to show kindness. By pressing the "Hide" button, the player can see the available decorations. By pressing the "Edit" button, the player can move and rotate the decoration.
To move the object, drag it, or press the arrow keys.
To rotate the object, drag between the two circles or press R / Shift + R.
To rotate an object exactly 90°, use CTRL + R / CTRL + ALT + R.
To flip the object, use F.
To change the decoration changes, use the mouse wheel or press Page Up / Page Down.
To recycle an object, select it and press the Delete key.
When finished, click the Finish button.