How to Farming Poe Currency in Shaper and Elder

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Farming Poe Currency in Shaper / Elder has a very complicated optimization mechanism. Still, there is no optimization mechanism involved here because there is absolutely no information for beginners, and the actions to implement it are confusing and complicated. Passing such multiples is simple: rare (yellow) objects are deformed due to Shaper or Elder's influence and fall on them. They have shiny backgrounds, starry sky, or dark tentacles. These items are relatively rare and can be very expensive with the correct modifiers. They need to be fully recognized, they can be sold to serious people as a basis for crafting skills (especially if it is jewelry and picked up on a map above 12 levels), can be used as a good enhancement for your equipment, or If the modifiers and coils are useful, they can be sold at high prices.


This is also a straightforward way to get extra Poe currency because you don't need to do anything other than follow the stars and tentacles on Atlas and try to get these specific cards.

As a lazy method, there are some problems in understanding whether you have a good thing. Since each item is different, I won’t draw all the good rolls because it’s a long time, but you can ask at least the approximate price in the chat because even the latest trolls don't. You will appreciate a beautiful item in 5 chaos, but you should also know that these estimates are very rough.


If many people tell you immediately that the item is expensive, please don't be lazy and trade. This is a simulation that perfectly fits every statistic, so you can get 10-20 Chaos or even 2 Exalted Orbs, just because You will know the exact price, not bargaining.

Cheap Poe Currency


Finally, I want to say that this method is likely not to bring many benefits because basically, this kind of item has bad modifiers and can be thrown away by the supplier. However, in the shaper/ The cards under the influence of the elders have more monsters or enhanced bosses, which will positively affect all types of loot, currency, unique, etc. Therefore, combine this method with the first method and choose those with good luck Cards that fall into it and are affected by one of the bosses-if you are a novice and to have fun, this is a good strategy, running around where there are many small monsters and potentially delicious places.