How to Farming Poe Chaos Orb - Buy, Shard, Recipes, Divination cards

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Chaos Orb is one of the main currencies traded in the Path of Exile, so it is also one of the most popular currencies in the game. In this guide, we reveal the use of this PoE currency and the choices we must take to obtain Chaos Orb.

Cheap Poe Currency


What is the Poe Chaos Orb
Chaos Orb is one of the most crucial trading currencies, but it was created for production. Using Chaos Orb, we can change the modification of rare (yellow) items. Suitable for equipment, jewelry, and cards. New mutations are randomly selected. Since there are many different modifications, there are few opportunities, and we will receive items with only the needed changes. Therefore, if you want to use Chaos Orbs to make equipment, you should have some experience. With a PoE card, it looks different again. These modifications often have undesirable or fatal changes, such as reflective damage.

Chaos Shard
Sometimes, we find Chaos Shard on the Path of Exile. Once we find 20 Chaos Shards, they will be automatically converted to Chaos Orb. We will only get chaotic shards from the "pioneers" as loot. This type of opponent is joined by the Pioneer Alliance and is rarely encountered. We occasionally find some Zana missions and Portentous Delirium Orb.

Chaos Orb Recipes
If we carry the right items, the Path of Exile merchant will give us 1-3 Chaos Orbs. It is always full of rare items and looks like this:
Two-handed weapon or two-handed weapon + helmet + breastplate + shoes + gloves + belt + amulet + two rings
All items should be at least level 60. There is no upper limit. However, an item cannot be higher than level 74. If we deliver a complete set of items at level 75-100, we get the sovereign range rather than the chaotic range. We can view the item's level by holding down the Alt key and moving the mouse pointer over the item.

For the collection with identified items, we get 1 Chaos Orb.
We get 2 Chaos Orbs, which contain 20% quality of the identified items.
For a set of new items, we get 2 Chaos Orbs.
We got 3 Chaos Orbs, and a set of items of unknown quality accounted for 20%.
If you want to recognize objects, please use the first recipe. Otherwise, we will exchange unknown objects. Collecting 20% ​​of quality items is meaningless because we cannot find enough high-quality items.

Most players now have the same problems as me. You will only get items far higher than level 74. I solved this problem by collecting the items I needed from level 75 into a big box. In the screenshot below, you can see the two-handed weapon in the first row, the chest armor in the second row, and so on. As long as the bag is full (it doesn't take long), I will collect items of level 60-74 within a few minutes. Rings, amulets, and belts are the best because they won't take up space in your inventory. A small breast is enough. Items with this item level can be cultivated in low-level maps or corresponding depth levels in sapphire mines. I like my mine because it develops quickly there.

Chaos Orb of Azurite Mine
In Azurite Mine, we obtained a lot of Chaos Orb as trophies. This is most effective when we use Chaos Orb as the icon to control the cavity. There, we mainly get currency items. We occasionally use Chaos Orb as random prey in other cavities. We can often find them in the dark or hidden treasures at Vaal Outpost. Sapphire mines are usually a good source of all kinds of currency projects.

Chaos Orb made of Divination cards

By exchanging them for individual Divination cards, you can get different amounts of Chaos Orb. We can do this in Tasuni in Hohenpforte. These Divination cards are traded on trading platforms such as or official PoE sites, where they are more valuable than exchange cards.
We receive Divination cards in certain areas so that we can cultivate them in a targeted manner. Below is an overview of all the maps and areas that we received for divination. The value in brackets is the level of the card.

Farm Chaos Orb
If you use the Chaos Orb body in Bronze Mine or use Chaos Orb body and Divination cards in the map, you can significantly improve the loot. To this end, we have increased the number of products or rarity. We use a separate card or a device with the so-called Magic Find Build to increase these values. Since this is suitable for farming Chaos Spheres, we have created a general guide for farming currency. There, you will get more detailed information.

Buy Chaos Orb
Sometimes we desperately need some chaotic fields and don't have time to cultivate. In that case, we only buy them. More precisely, they are exchanged for other currencies. There is an official trading platform where all currencies from the Path of Exile can be traded. Just click on the official PoE page with a lot of trade.