How to Farm hundreds Exalts in Heist in PoE 3.14 Ultimatum Part- 2?

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Part 1 of the Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum heist farming guide contained only the setup. It contained what builds you should be using, minimum investment, revealing blueprints, and possible expectations while running heists. The second part of this series dives deep into the mechanics of the heist league, such as planning your heists, selecting rogues, and loot management, namely what to keep and what to throw away. So without further ado, let's take a look at a successful Heist run.


Gearing rogues
You have a total of nine rogues to choose from, each with its respective perks.
-Karst- 15-35% less alert level
-Tibbs- Unlock mechanical chests after lockdown
-Isla- 25-45% increased time before lockdown
-Tullian- 6-22% chance to find additional heist targets and 4-12% less alert level
-Niles- Unlock one magical chest after lockdown and discover a blueprint reveal after heist completion
-Nenet- Scout enemy patrols and 5-17% decreased alert levels
-Video- Chests have 4-12% of duplicating contents 10-26% more alert level
-Gianna- 5-25% less blueprint revealing cost and discover a blueprint reveal upon completion of heist contract mission
-Huck- Powerful, buff allies and players have 5-25% increases experience gains

This is the list of all the rogues. Some rogues in Path of Exile are good, some are mediocre, and one or two are downright useless. However, the most useful of them is Vendor. His ability to duplicate loot will prove significantly handy if you plan you run heists for a long time. He is excellent for farming a ton of currency and is a must-have in your party. In terms of gear, consider picking something that increases drop rarity, item duplication chances, and speeds up tasks. Speed modifiers are also a great option.

Karst is the second-best of all the rogues as he offers the highest reduction of alert levels. The same goes for Nenet and Tullian. They are solid options when it comes to managing alert levels across the heist map.
The following best options are Tibbs and Niles, as they help unlock more chests amounting to more loot per contract.

Giana is never a good option as she doesn't offer any additional perks other than reveal discounts. You're better of taking the increased time offered by Isla.
Lastly, Huck is rarely used and should be the last option in heist plannings.

Heist Planning
When planning heists, you'll need to put a rogue in one of the following slots:
-Perception- Karst takes priority, otherwise Nenet.
-Agility- Karst, if he is available, else pick Tullian.
-Lockpicking- Kart is the only one who can pick locks. If you have perception and lockpicking in the same room, pick kart for lockpicking and Nenet for perception. Otherwise, always pick Karst for perception.
-Trap disarmament- Must pick Vinderi because of his loot duplication perk. Next comes Tullina, followed by Isla.
-Demolition- Vinderi must pick followed by Tibbs and Huck.
The goal is to diversify your rogues as much as possible. Always be on the lookout for decreased alert levels and loot duplication. Any other perk is viable, but the first two are highly recommended.

Things to consider while running Heists
Once you're satisfied with the setup, approach Adiyah and start the heist. Now your only goal is not clear the entire map. You'll be speedrunning the whole thing, running from one treasure room to another. Open the minimap on the screen to have an easy time navigating through the labyrinth—killing enemies, not a priority. Just zoom past them as soon as possible or use a flask to phase through the enemies to avoid combat entirely.

The minimap will be divided into the number of revealed sections, for instance, four different wings. You can begin with any wing, and it doesn't matter. When you enter a room containing chests, press the 'V' key, and the rogues will automatically start opening the chests. Rinse repeat until you've cleared off all the rooms.

Divination cards, stack decks, exalted orbs, or any other item, make sure to pick everything valuable. Now when it comes to gems, it's better to check the value of each gem before you pick it up. An excellent way to about doing this is to keep a second window open with the trade website. Search if the gems are valuable or not and store them accordingly.
Escaping Heists

Once you've opened all of the heist chests, it's time to make a break for it. In case you're full, you can leave the map, drop off all your loot. The map stays open for a while, so you can return once you've emptied your inventory.

Parting thoughts - Tips and Tricks
You can run a heist mission with little to no investment. All you need is a couple hundred chaos to buy contracts. The PoE currency that you're going to make running these missions extensively outvalues the investment. In case you're low on chaos orbs, buy PoE currency from a website. It's super cheap, safe, and saves you hours' worth of grind. These websites always have PoE orbs for sale, so you're bound to get a good deal sooner or later.

Once you've accumulated the contracts and gears, the next step is to roll them for suitable modifiers. Then use Giana's discount to reveal the maps. The priority is divination cards, stack decks, and currency chests. Next come metamorphs and harbinger. Lastly, you can reveal delirium rooms, but they are not super consistent with item drops. You could get good items in one map and go empty for the next two or three. If you have spare Rogue Markets lying around, go ahead and use them. Finally, set up your rogues, put them in specific slots, and you're good to go.

If executed properly, you can earn a little over a hundred exalted orbs in just a week. That's excluding the initial investment. You don't require any powerful builds or gears at all. As it stands right now, the Heist mechanic seems to outweigh PoE 3.14 Ultimatum league entirely. It's not as broken as Harvest in the previous patch but offers significantly high value for low to medium commitment.