How to earn Path of Exile Currency with Divination Card

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After PoE players get used to some games, one of the biggest problems they may face is understanding what trade is and how to earn more currency to buy the items needed to build. Or start to try something and make more playable characters. It doesn't matter. The key is that funds are always needed. In the live game market, this demand can be met in many ways. We will consider how to obtain Poe Currency below.


Cheap Poe Currency

Of course, the leading and most important way for people to make Currency is the Divination Card. The more Divination Cards you have, no matter what they are, the game's overall randomness will bring you rewards—Poe currency, random expensive unique items, rare items, etc. Zara, RiseCute, Grimro, and many other Western streamers have been repeated hundreds of times in their streams-running randomly. The higher the frequency of running new maps, the greater the chance of getting rewards. You can manage your time faster and more efficiently, thereby gaining more.

Farming Divination Card Making Currency


However, the simplest, most popular, and reliable methods require a thorough understanding of the game. Why is it simple and trustworthy? A particular card can be placed at the exact location. At least the necessary and useful card must be spent. Otherwise, the card will cost some currency and will be purchased. The least random factor can only be found in POE, or only one factor- the chance of the card itself falling.
For those who don't know, the divination card itself-the card is a particular type of item. They are collected on the deck. When you hand over the deck to the required NPC, you will get a guaranteed reward written On the card... Example: The leader's heart. When collecting eight cards, it can be exchanged for Kaom's Heart (unique, expensive armor) at Navali or Tasuni.
This is one of the methods that are aimed at agriculture. In this method, you only remove the cards you need, wait for the cards to fall, and then use or sell them. This is also a great way to earn currency for those who don't have advanced tags and don't want to trade through chat/forums. You can choose the cards dropped by the fortune-teller: Pious Treasure, Forgotten Wealth, and Scope. They have ascended orbs at the exit... The currency market is two-way. To exchange expensive currencies for cheap, Or exchange cheap things for costly things, you don’t need a premium tag, so you can make farm transactions, make transactions (such as messing up) or buy goods directly by yourself.
Besides, this method's essence is that, in parallel, when you are planting a fortune teller, you can also get all the loot that falls on other maps. You only need to think over and over again about the appearance of the area.
Useful links for this method: Here, you can find the prices of different cards and items., which divination cards fall on which cards.

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