How to Dealing More Damages in Path of Exile Part 2

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How much damage is too much? Well, apparently, doing you can never do enough Damage in Path of Exile. Consistently dealing with tons of damage in Path of Exile is challenging. Part 1 of this damage guide discusses the common mistakes most plates make which robs their ability to do consistent damage as they level up. Creating a character exactly described by build is both easy and difficult. Oftentimes new players assume they can make a build without a specific gear. They also pick gear without specified attributes which also hurts their ability to deal damage.


Part 2 delves further into the problem while discussing possible solutions to address the issue. These include picking flasks, carefully choosing the passive skill tree, enchantments, curses, and much more. Scaling the damage output of a character crucial if you plan to reach the endgame content. Most players fall off the level 60-70 mark. That's where the enemy levels become really challenging. Things like elemental attack enhancements which have little to no significance in low levels become super important when dealing with high-level enemies, something. So without further ado, let's discuss how you can improve your DPS in the new Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum league.

Flasks like jewels are often underrated. Most new players pack 2-3 lif flasks, a mana flask, and quicksilver. Once again, it's good for low-level clears, but in higher levels, that's not gonna cut it. Utility flasks are way more important. For instance, if you're an essence drain trickster, you're going to need a jade flask. Otherwise, you'll be dying way more often. A jade flask and granite flask can pretty much keep you immortal if you're able to keep them up most of the time. At least up to yellow maps, granite flasks provide a solid defense with 1,500 armor. Even when you're farming the new PoE 3.14 Ultimatum, granite flasks can come in super handy when countering hordes that spawn right on top of you.

As you level up, you'll realize that one of the best defenses in Path of Exile is not getting hit by the enemy. This may seem dumb, but there are build that solely rely on evasion to mitigate/dodge enemy hits. They buff evasion to such a sigh point that they are able to consistently dodge incoming attacks, and in turn, are able to deliver one blow after another to hordes of enemies.

Helmet enchants
Helmet enchants are build-specific. You may not need them in most circumstances, but having an enhanced helmet can increase your damage output by as much as 25-40%. However, helmet enchants can be quite expensive. As a new player, you might find it hard to get a good deal on these items. One of the best ways to get them for cheap is to frequent the official trading website quite often so that you get access to the latest listings before anyone else. It's not optimal but is a relatively small price to pay if you planning to nab something for cheap.

One other solution is to buy them. But what if you don't enough PoE currency? To top it off, you're also a busy individual who can only afford an hour or two of playtime, which is not enough to farm for a decent bunch of currency items. Well, there are several websites where you can buy PoE currency for just a few dollars. It's easy, safe, and saves you hours of grind, time which you can spend to actually enjoy the game, instead of repeatedly farming the same mission over and over again. With the currency from these websites, you can get the perfect enchanted helps to complete your build. They almost always have PoE orbs for sale so be sure to check for offers every once in a while.

Take advantage of curses
Contrary to popular belief, curses are a great way to boost up your damage output. You must have surely seen streamers or YouTubers play chaos/curse builds. The top left side of the screen gets filled with status effects, so much so that in advanced cases the curses/buffs shift onto the next line. Curses in Path of Exile aren't too damaging. Even if they are, a moderately skilled player can easily mitigate the harm of the curse. For instance, decreased movement speed is a definitely bad curse. However, they can overcome it by adding more speed modifiers. The same goes for health and damage curses.

Conductivity on hit or frostbite on hit is super cheap curse modifiers that you can get on most of your items. Especially in softcore, where you don't have to maintain a high health pool, these curses significantly increase your damage output without affecting your defensive capabilities too much. So the next time you see a curse for your build, don't shy away from it.

The Passive Skill Tree
The [assive skill tree is the most important thing when it comes to delivering consistent damage. Build creators spend days even weeks perfecting a particular character. Path of Exile offers a lot of customizability when it comes to building a character. However, when it comes to endgame builds you need to pick specific nodes to make it work. Although you can pick whatever you want, without elemental resistances, your character will fall flat after a certain threshold. And like elemental resistance, based on the character, there are some stable nodes that are a must-pick if you're planning a build for the end game content.

However, in PoE Ultimatum things are a bit different. Given the difficulty of ultimatum modifiers, you need the right nodes if you're planning to farm the league mechanic on a constant basis. Every PoE character build comes with a pre-build skill tree. Even if you don't have the appropriate jewels, pick those nodes. You can always pick up a skill gem for a few chaos orbs.

With this, concludes the PoE damage guide. Hopefully, you've learned something that will help you improve your DPS and enjoy Path of Exile better than ever before. Good Luck!