How to Choose the right league in Path of Exile?

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Before you create your first character and enter the game, you must first determine a league that should be active. Since each League has certain advantages and disadvantages, your choice should be carefully considered.

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Standard: This is a normal, unmodified game. Since the beginning of Path of Exile, the Standard League has been very active, which is why there is no ranking here. This League is ideal for beginners who want to experience the game for the first time. After the temporary League is over or your stubborn character dies, the characters played there are around.

Challenge League: Temporary leagues are only available for a specific time (usually 3 to 4 months) and have a name such as Perandus, invasion, or invasion. According to the theme, players must face other challenges, which will significantly increase the difficulty. Unusual items or new manual options can be used as rewards. Since these leagues always want a fresh start, they are particularly interesting for experienced players. Their goal is to occupy a higher position in the rankings. However, even a novice can try it with a conscience. If the temporary alliance ends, all characters and looted items will be moved to the standard coalition.

Besides, in a time-limited league, you try to be as healthy as possible and compete with other players to see if your game knowledge and skills are outstanding. Usually, these challenge alliances will last a long time, after which new challenge alliances will be established, and the cycle will repeat.
In other alliances, since who decides the hardest farming and farming, things always stagnate after a while. This is a good idea, and it turns out to be useful in practice. If you start, unless you work hard 24 hours a day and give up other things, you will not be able to make progress and become the best in the league, maybe that is not enough.
You all start from absolute zero and try your best in the challenge league. Usually, players who compete in the Challenge League have played standard and hardcore games for a long time, so they know the game. They know what to do, where to grind, and what kind of role construction best suits their intended goals.

Normal: A soft-core variant in the Path of exile. With this setting, the death of the character will hardly be punished. If you die, you will have to play an area from time to time or lose some experience points in a higher level range, that's it.

Hardcore: Very suitable for all players seeking particular challenges. Compared with other action RPGs, you don't need to abandon the character after the virtual death completely. Those who die here can only be eliminated from the core league or continue participating in the standard League.

SSF: Autark (also known as Solo Self Found) is for everyone who wants to play the game alone. Here, you cannot trade with other players or team up with them. No matter how far you go, this is your advantage.

It is possible to switch between leagues at any time-but only in one direction. For example, you can switch from the core league to the normal League. If you want to interact with other players, you can also give up the SSF status at any time. However, the opposite is impossible.