How to Choose the best PoE Farming Maps

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The Path of Exile allows you to find many useful suits, legendary weapons, accessories, Currency, etc. All of these allow you to inject characters and have a fun time. Some gamers play out of their love of the game, while others seek to improve the tools for further fighting in the PVP arena. In any case, for everyone, the first task is to instill characters and find high-quality game items.


Many players tend to use PoE Atlas game cards, especially at high levels. They allow you to open areas where you can find packages with outstanding skills and modifiers. This level is suitable for most advanced gamers because the gameplay requires selecting a set of scenes and building for locations so that you can quickly and competently eliminate your opponents and obtain excellent loot.

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Exile map feature path
The game provides its own "chips," which provide the ability to grow cards based on the gameplay's certain characteristics. They allow you to obtain legendary weapons, armor, currency, and accessories from players in open locations, allowing you to significantly improve your character and obtain the improvements and modifications needed to defeat difficult bosses and monsters.
The higher the level of the location, the more the player can cultivate the treasure. But at the same time, the complexity of their achievements is increasing. There are also such maps that have no opponents at all, such as the Baal Pyramid. Other maps provide extra experience points when crossing the territory of the location and fighting with NPCs.
There are several types of game cards:
White: simple, provides a not too high level for ordinary opponents, ordinary loot;
Blue: magic, great difficulty;
Yellow: You can browse locations above level 72;
Unique: They open the door to the most difficult places through high-quality farming.
Color: white, yellow, and red. Determine the level of the monster.
The unique map provides access to the area where monsters with unique abilities are located. This type of level can also provide passage time, after which the character will respawn at the control point. Before visiting these locations, you need to research these locations first, because when you open the map, you can traverse them and pick up the loot once.

PoE Atlas map and field rules
It is recommended to grow game cards through high-level, pumped, and well-equipped characters. It is best to choose a set based on the location type. Also, players can visit the territory with friends, but there are also places to play alone. An easy way is to buy such cards in the game market, but they are costly, so beginners will have to decide whether to use the game currency for cards or weapons, suits.

Before visiting the level, it is important to prepare for battle with opponents living in the monster territory. Therefore, the "Tornado of Chaos" card provides a stealth effect because the local enemy in the battle gains resistance to stun, parry attacks, and player damage. Compared with conventional farming, rewards for completing 200-400% of game items, loot, and improvement levels.

The most popular map is Shore, which represents the territory where pirates live. After defeating them, they left the boxes and game accessories to the player, who can pick them up. When opening the box, the player needs to fight the Tomb of the Immortal. When his health reaches 90% in the battle, the Tomb of the Immortal will disappear. After the victory, players may receive certain types of divination cards.

Unidentified game map
You can obtain cards in the Path of Exile by searching for levels and exchanging cards with NPCs. In the city, you can contact merchants who need to provide 3 recognized cards and the field of alchemy. Then provide the player with an unidentified premium card. Therefore, players do not always need to look for lower rankings, as these cards are not necessarily needed when passing. You can replace unnecessary items with more expensive and necessary game items.

For players who have no friends and play the game alone, the best farm map becomes the best choice because you will have the opportunity to choose good things, equipment, furnishings, weapons, and improvements. For higher-level gamers, this is the best way to spend a fun time in addition to fighting, farming, and traveling in the game world in the PVP arena.