How to Choose a League Starter Build for Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum

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The beginning of a new PoE league is total chaos. You have old players rejoining the game, and new players flooding the online forums with hundreds and thousands of questions. But that one question that you come across more often than others is What poe 3.14 build should I play in the new league?

Path of Exile is anything but a simple game. It started out as f2p Diablo 2 but over the years, has evolved into a completely new game. You can very well enjoy it as a casual player, but having a build guide will easily see you through eh end game content.

Building a powerful character in PoE is not difficult. There are tons of starter builds out there to choose from, often overwhelming new, and even returning players. This article discusses what you need to consider before choosing a League Starter to build. So without further ado, let's get started towards your league starter for PoE 3.14 Ultimatum.



NO.1 Visit Online Forums
There are lots of content creators who release starter build guides during league start. You can go to Youtube, or PoE builds to find a viable build that fits your budget.
A good starter build is cheap, to begin with, but offers great endgame potential. This means you can get your character up and running in Path of Exile with little to no investment. However, with the right gear, that same character will also become a viable option for grinding endgame content.
Don't be too picky. The goal of the game is to have fun. If you're just starting out, simply look for a starter build that looks cool and start working on it. Don't go too deep into other options. You can always experiment once you get accustomed to the game.
In case you're returning player and prefer playing your old favorite, check if the build is still viable and won't be nerfed in PoE 3.14.

NO.2 Important things to remember
Never get swayed by the community. Different players will have different opinions on how to play the game. There is not correct play to play PoE. All that matters is that you're having fun.
Now before you set your eyes on a league starter, you have to consider a few things. You must have a clear set of goals. What do you want to accomplish with your character? Do you want to want massive single target damage or a boss killer? Or do you want to farm maps and plan to focus on an AOE-based character? Deciding this early on helps you plan your resources accordingly, getting the most out of them, even on a free-to-play account.
Next comes researching your build. Once you've set your eyes on a character, it's time to look up how easy or difficult it is when it comes to building it for endgame content. Most league starters are cheap, to begin with. However, as you progress towards the endgame, you have to buy items expensive items to face off against tougher monsters.
Now some league starters are comparatively cheap while others require lots of expensive items to complete the build, so once again, plan accordingly.

NO.3 Setting Goals
Do you want to kill bosses, or do you want to complete the Atlas and farm red maps? Setting goals is crucial if you plan on playing Path of Exile optimally. The game offers a broad spectrum of customization, meaning, you can build a character exactly to your liking. Although there are a few all-rounders builds, they fail in comparison to specific characters that are designed for a singular purpose.
So before you choose a starter, plan what you're going to do over the course of the next three months.

NO.4 League Mechanics
League mechanics play a significant role in build selection. What good is a build if it cannot endure the latest content?
PoE 3.14 Ultimatum offers enemies with scaling difficulty in a small space. Each trial adds a new modifier to the encounter, making it even more difficult. In close combat situations such as these, not only does your character must be able to deal tons of damage consistently, but they should also have decent life regen and elemental resistance, should you get accidentally hit by a flying dagger. The effective health pool is not always enough to survive such encounters. You must also focus on health regen.
So what are your choices? You can either focus on a character that can go really deep into these Ultiamtum encounters. You can also focus on bossing, do a few Ultimatum trials, and no push in too deep. Finally, you ignore the content altogether and do whatever content you like.
However, if you plan to get into Ultimatum early on, you're gonna need some decent items to kickstart your journey, However, it is hard to come by chaos orbs during league start. So if you're short on a few chaoses or exalts, you can always buy PoE currency from various websites as they always have PoE orbs for sale. They are super cheap, saves you hours' worth of grind, gives you a head start on others. So you can farm expensive before them and make a fortune selling those to other PoE players.

NO.5 Researching your build
See if a build is worth your time. If you plan on playing only a few hours a week, some of the PoE builds might not be suitable. They might require expensive items that you cannot be farmed in such little playtime. Build guides often list everything required during the end game. So if you cannot afford the time, it better to stay away from end-game expensive starter builds.

NO.6 Look thorough Balance Notes
Always check balance notes before deciding on a build. Grinding Gear Games releases a balance note a few prior to the league launch. Some league that was viable in the previous league may be nerfed to the ground, making it useless in the current meta. Verify the balance notes before you lock in your build for PoE 3.14 Ultimatum. Good Luck!