Escape from Tarkov: New player weapon modding and crafting ideas explained

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In Escape from Takrov, what new players need to face is to modify weapons. Different accessories have a great influence on firearms. When new players don't understand the idea, even if they imitate others, they will make mistakes. Therefore, this article describes in detail New player weapon modding and crafting ideas explained, I hope to help everyone.


First of all, a qualified Tarkov player, you should have - May not be five AKs.


Picture -1


It may not be five M4or416.




What you should have is that you can use parts to assemble a gun that can at least fire. This article will use the following gun as a sample. In addition, because the HK416 is also a popular gun, although the parts cannot be shared with the M4A1 (parts are single A gun must require parts, sights, grips and other non-essential parts), but the concept of assembly is the same for your reference.




Before you start making a gun, in addition to the price and appearance, what you might use for reference is definitely the performance of the gun, and the weapons in Escape from Tarkov will be as shown below.




We can see that there are many numerical values listed below the gun, and although there are articles introduced before, this side is still re-introducing


1. The durability of the gun. As long as a gun has been fired, the durability will be reduced. When the durability is too low, the overall accuracy and reliability of the gun will decrease.

2. Weapon proficiency: The longer you use the same weapon, you can increase various advantages when using it, such as various movement speeds, speed of changing magazines, etc.

3. Ergonomics: This quality determines how quickly you can enter ADS (Aim down sight), that is, the speed of opening the lens.

4. Accuracy: Represents the offset rate. The lower the number, the better. For general rifles, it is not easy to find unless it is shot at a long distance. Of course, there are also magical ultra-short Mosin in the game that you can use to experience what is called offset.

5. The standard range of the sight is for reference. In actual use, it is better to choose the sight according to your preference.

6. Vertical and horizontal recoil, as literally stated, refers to the recoil caused by a single shot. Usually, the total of the two is less than 250 and it can be considered low.

7. The muzzle velocity, which is the speed of the bullet, the faster the bullet can hit the farther and accurately, but it has nothing to do with the amount of damage.

8. The characteristics of the gun, the value that cannot be changed by accessories, such as the HK416 in the example, the available shooting modes are semi-automatic and fully automatic, the firing rate under fully automatic is 850 rounds/min, and the caliber used is 5.56x45, which is effective The range is 500 meters.

9. All parts and parts list on this gun.


Most of the above values will be affected by the assembled accessories. For example, the same gun with a longer barrel will have lower recoil and higher initial velocity than a short barrel, but lower ergonomics.


Each type of gun has its own characteristics. For example, the AK family has a significantly lower rate of fire than the M4. The 416 has a higher rate of fire than the M4, but the AK bullet is more economical. Wait, you can consider this part before the assembly, otherwise it is a pity that you have assembled a sharp gun but cannot control it.


Let's take 416 as an example for the assembly in this article. The following figure shows the assembled parts.


The assembly of this article uses 416 as an example. The following figure shows the assembled parts.




The solid line arrow represents the installation belongs to, such as 1 should be installed on top of 2, and 3 should be installed on top of 5; dotted lines represent components that may affect the installation of each other, some components will ghostly hit the wall when the gun is assembled, it is usually not installed. These locations.


1. Gun camera, that is, the most core part that determines whose gun your gun is. You can buy the gun camera directly in the market. You only need to uncheck the Operational weapon only at the Flea Market. Weapons used), you can see a lot of guns can be bought.




(Yes, I'm very poor, I spent all my guns)


2. Uppur receiver, the component directly installed on the bolt, usually affects the ergonomics more, the upper receiver of M4 and 416 will not affect the installation of other components. The upper receiver of M4 and 416 has its own guide rail, it is very convenient to install the sight.


3. Barrel, needs to be installed on the upper receiver. The longer the barrel length, the higher the accuracy and muzzle velocity of the gun, and the lower the recoil force. However, when the ergonomics becomes lower (the aiming of the gun becomes slower) She also takes up more space when she needs to pack in a backpack or warehouse, and it is easier for her to hit the wall or obstacles in the game and affect her aiming and shooting.


4. Handguard, installed in front of the upper receiver, affects ergonomics and part of the recoil. The handguard is easy to hit the wall with the barrel of the gun. Although some handguards look awkward, if your barrel is too short, the foreskin will be too long. We all know that this should be cut. There may not be a guide rail directly on the handguard, and some may require spacers to increase the location of tactical accessories and grips.


5. Gas-Lock, installed on the barrel, some airlocks can be hidden in the handguard, and some can’t. The 416 has only one airlock and will not encounter this problem, but the M4 airlock is easy to follow Handguard fights must be confirmed before assembly.


The following are M4:

The original version is equipped with a front iron sight (FS). Usually it will be unplugged if you change the gun if you think it is an eyesore... it cannot be stuffed in the handguard.




It can be stuffed in the handguard. If it is troublesome, just install this.




There is also a place to equip the front iron sight. It cannot be stuffed into the handguard. The advantage is that it has +1 ergonomics, and different people have different opinions.




6. Buttstock, which greatly affects recoil and ergonomics. A good butt allows you to shoot a laser gun, and a rotten butt allows you to be a big gun. Most of the stocks of M4 and 416 must be installed first. Buffer Tube can continue to install the back stock.


7. The bolt grip, which affects ergonomics, only the M4 CQR bolt grip and butt stock will interact with the butt.




Because it looks great and is used by many players, it is especially useful, but this is only available for M4.


8. The handle of the bolt, the memory of being a soldier, the handle is fired twice and then fired. This is the handle. Although it is just a small thing, your gun cannot be used without this.


After the above components are installed, your gun should be ready for use (not red bottom). If it is still red, it means you are still missing a certain component.


Up to now, your gun has 60 points and it is ready to use, but the next step is to get your gun closer to your target. It's time to choose accessories!




Various sights can be mounted on the upper part of the gun, here is just a brief introduction.


The reflex sight is the most standard 1x sight. The advantage is that it is easy to get started, has a low impact on ergonomics, and has less restrictions on the field of view. The disadvantage is that it has only doubled magnification.


Large sights are just a vague term, including various high-magnification sights, but they occupy a larger backpack space compared to standard reflex sights, and it is easier to affect the field of view during ADS, and will also be more than standard sights. Reduce more ergonomics.


Small sights are smaller than standard sights. Although the sight is also small, some large high-power sights can be equipped with additional small sights to aid close-range sighting. Whether it can be installed depends on whether the large sights are provided. Additional sights installation position. The small sight can also be directly mounted on the gun body, or through an additional backup mount to install the side small sight.




A brake can be installed in front of the muzzle to further reduce the recoil of the weapon and increase accuracy, muzzle velocity, etc. (according to the type of brake, it may have an adverse effect). Some brakes can be equipped with matching silencer tubes.


Part of the muffler tube can also be installed directly on the barrel, but if you install the brake first and then install the muffler tube, the effect will be superimposed (but you also have to spend two Tarkov money).


The muffler itself, like a brake, affects recoil, etc., and is also an accessory that is easily pulled away. The actual use effect will also depend on the helmet and earphones worn by the other party, and whether the other party has fungus or not. The actual use effect may still have to be experienced by the reader.


For the various tactical accessories installed on the side of the gun body, currently there are only flashlights, laser sights, or a combination of the two in the game. You can install them according to your habits.


The front grips installed under the handguard will obviously affect recoil and ergonomics. The various grips will not be described in detail. Readers are requested to choose them by themselves.


Depending on the design, the magazine has different loading capacity and other values.




The picture shows a Glock magazine. The value below shows that this magazine can be filled with 33 rounds of ammunition. When mounted on the gun, it is ergonomic-3 ergonomics. The speed of inserting/removing the bullets in the magazine increases the time it takes- 10% (yes, it means you empty the magazine fort and the bullets enter), the time spent checking the magazine is -30% (default Alt+T). Therefore, the larger the magazine is not the better, according to the different usage and habits, choose the most suitable magazine.


After installing the above accessories (or not pretending to be in your mood), congratulations, your gun has been 99% completed, and the only thing left is to kill the enemy in blood on the battlefield.