Best Poe Builds for Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum

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The Poe Ultimatum league is designed to push you to the limits. You can take the easier route out or pummel through to claim the rewards that are owed to you. You're going to need a powerful Poe build if you want to consistently achieve that goal and this guide will help you get there. The game has never been more entertaining and challenging at the same time. With the help of the builds mentioned in this guide, you will be able to enjoy and experience all that content in PoE 3.14 with ease. So without further ado, let's get started!


Build 1: Blade Blast Inquisitor

Why pick the build?
The Blade Blast Inquisitor is one of those builds that does tons of damage. During the early game with little to no good equipment, you can dish out close to 20-30 million DPS with a good inquisitor build. During the later stages of the game, you can specifically gear for damage, increasing the previous 20 million DPS to almost 50 million DPS.
The build also comes with high survivability. Although it isn't able to tank many shots, any health you lose can be gained back fairly quickly.
Who is the build for?
Given how DPS heavy the build is, it is for anyone who wants to make quick work of Path of Exile. If you want to reach the endgame in the least time possible, complete maps, defeat bosses, experience league mechanics in the extreme without bothering too much about build optimization and expensive items, this build is for you.
Although this build is easy to level up, it does require a couple of different mechanics. As a result, it is not advisable for newer players, and since those mechanics require you to have some idea about the game.


Build 2: Creeping Frost Occultist

Why pick the build?
Creeping Frost Occultist is the premiere Path of Exile builds for anyone. Weather you're a pro who is looking for something easy, or a newcomer who doesn't know anything about the game, this is the build to go. The creeping frost build takes off without any high-level gear requirements and is an excellent clear option on a budget. Even if you're planning to do a bit of bossing in PoE 3.14 the frost is super effective, mainly because it slows bosses to a mere crawl. It easily lets you dodge boss abilities and is great if you're learning the boss's movement and attack patterns for the first time.

Who should play this build?
Returning players, new players, if you don't too much headache in your build and want to have a nice time, then this build is perfect for you. The build is also super beginner-friendly, and you can get everything you need to complete the build for super cheap. The build is so user-friendly that you can literally pick up random rares and make it work nonetheless. The Creeping Frost Occultist has been around for a long time and is an old-time favorite classic for the players.

Build 3: Purifying Flame Mine Saboteur
Why pick the build?
Mines offer a very strong and safe start at the beginning of the league. However, it's a bit difficult to get decent gear for the build. On the plus side, you won't be needing as much good gear to make this work, so not finding good gear won't be much of an issue.
If you're planning to push into the high-end content during the early days of Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum, the flame mine saboteur is your build.
Who should play this build?
If you're someone who does a lot of bossing and want a safe yet high DPS to build, go for it. The Saboteur also has tons of regeneration so you're quite safe during difficult encounters. The only flipside of the build is the high gear requirement when you plan for the endgame. You do require a bit of investment when buying specified gear.
Now buying expensive gear during league start is difficult because there is a shortage of chaos orbs in the market. Farming for chaos orbs also seems tedious even during the Ultimatum league especially when you're just trying to have fun. However, there are websites that have PoE orbs for sale at a super cheap price. You can buy PoE currency from these websites and save yourself hours worth of grinding and use that time to enjoy the actual game.

Build 4: Burning Arrow Elementalist
Why pick the build?
Burning arrow Elementalist is one the best map clear builds in existence. It offers high regeneration, is easily scalable, and is also a viable league starter. The build requires Xoph's bow which you can get pretty early on in the game and start scaling from there. Although this has nice clear, the burning arrow Elementalist is not very good at bossing. You can clear all the bosses, but it will require some work and is absolutely doable.
Who should play this build?
The build is exclusively for old players, who have some experience in the game. It utilizes a lot of mechanics, which is not expected of newcomers. So if you're looking for a challenge, know how to transition, and want flexibility in your build, this is a solid option.

Build 5: Poison Blade Vortex Assassin
Why pick the build?
This particular build has been nerfed time and again but it remains as strong as ever. Grinding gear Games nerfed the elements version of the build, but the poison variant is still very much playable.
The vortex build is a tried and tested, solid and reliable build that is good at both clear and bossing. The poison blade vortex is a jack of all trades. Although it doesn't excel in any particular role, it is highly rated in all fields.
Who should play this build?
Since it's nerfed you can get items for super cheap and build a very powerful character even for the endgame. This is much like frost occultist build when it comes to reliability and is an absolute go-getter for anyone looking to have a good time.